Lost & Found: A Prodigal's Journey Home

Lost & Found

A Prodigal's
Journey Home


Lost & Found: A Prodigal's Journey Home is out now!

Parents who are waiting for prodigal children suffer in shame and silence. Our journey took us from vibrant community life to isolation and back as we walked with our prodigal child. As parents are living in the space between the now and the not-yet, this book will provide a visitation of grace and hope for beauty in the midst of scorched-earth ashes.


Our heart is to communicate the good news of Jesus through the lens of our story, which is His story.

Rhoda speaks on the impact their family’s prodigal journey had as a parent, wife, and friend. Our story provides a platform to address parenting groups, women’s gatherings as well as educators. Through this dark journey, we experienced the fullness of God’s story of love, redemption and hope.


The Continuing Journey

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Whether through intimate groups or large gatherings, I’m passionate about studying Scripture and sharing face to face from the place God is forming me. I am neither a Bible teacher nor expert theologian, but more like the woman at the well who extends the invitation to other thirsty travelers to “come and see.” This story of our prodigal son’s journey is good news for us all. Through disappointment and darkness and brokenness, our family experienced the good news of Jesus, the best news of redemption and reconciliation and hope. Together we will laugh (yes, there is laughter in our story), learn, remember, shed a tear in safety, and walk away trusting in Jesus more.




"Rhoda's openness to share her real experiences in life makes her message authentic and powerful - straight from her heart. She has a unique way of combining deep Bible teaching with her Spirit-filled anointing to capture both the mind and the heart of the listener.”

Randy Garcia, Senior Pastor
Fortress Church
San Antonio, TX

 "Rhoda has a true passion and calling on her life to share her story and extend hope to others through Jesus Christ. The women of our church were encouraged and revived through Rhoda’s ministry. I would highly encourage churches to call upon her unique life experience and passion to see reconciliation sweep across the landscape of our families. Her ministry will not only impact individual families, but the health of the church family as well."

Joel Bundick, Senior Pastor
Community of Grace
Aurora, CO


"Rhoda has a gift, and the gift is to see what others don’t see in life and all of it’s experiences: it is the gift of the “seer.” She has well cleared the pathway to the heart of King David in her writing. It is unusually transparent and relevant as she beautifully depicts true realities and treasured redemption!  My heart soared at different places as I read her snippets of wisdom and awesome theological and philosophical truths."

Pastor Russ Frase
Joshua Nations

"Rhoda joined the moms in our church as our keynote speaker for a one day conference.  She was such a delight- funny, engaging, compassionate, and relatable.  As Rhoda shared her own journey of loving her prodigal son all the way back home, mothers in every stage of parenting found encouragement, hope, and grace in her story.  She is a gifted speaker and teacher.”

Scott Applegate, Lead Pastor
Novation Church
Westminster, CO